Gordana Gardašević

Prof. Dr. Gordana Gardašević is an Associate Professor at the FEE, Banja Luka, the Head of Department of Telecommunications, and the Vice-Dean for Research. She received the scholarship for Doctoral Research Study granted by the Greek Government for research at NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), Greece, under the mentorship of Prof. Phillip Constantinou (from Oct. 2006 - April 2008). She was a Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Bologna (under the mentorship of Prof. Roberto Verdone) in 2014. Prof. Gardašević published three books and one monograph, as well as more than 70 research papers. She is a reviewer of IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Transactions of Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Wireless Personal Communications, etc. Prof. Gardašević has been participated in many national and international projects, such as WUS Austria, PHARE, COST, TEMPUS, FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020, etc. She was the Representative for FP6 Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Member of Republic of Srpska Government Workgroup for Information Technologies. She is a Director of GDLN (Global Distance Learning Network) center at FEE. She is a B&H MC Representative for COST Action CA15104 - IRACON (Inclusive Radio Communication Networks for 5G and beyond). Key research interests of Prof. Gardašević include Internet of Things (IoT) protocols and applications, IoT for healthcare, Industrial IoT, next generation networks architectures and applications, cross-layer protocol design, wireless sensor network. She is a member of the IEEE.

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